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The PopRadio 77 broadcast stream is made possible using the resources of Cirrus/SecureNet Systems.  The broadcast stream is available to I.P. addresses within a 500 mile radius of the south Jersey area.  Listeners beyond this zone may receive the broadcast stream.


PopRadio 77 has over 4,000 songs from the 1960's through the 1980's.  On the weekdays the radio station mostly plays the biggest hits from 1965-1989.  On weekends, the playlists expand to include a more diverse music track selection from these years.


The WPOP Internet Radio offices are located in Middletown, DE.  The new radio studio is located in south Jersey in the rural town of Franklinville, NJ.  PopRadio 77 offers tours of its studio upon request.  Please fill out a request on the 'Contact Us' page.


PopRadio 77's tribute to the great AM stations from the past includes a distinct goal to revive great memories through the music.  Every time a song is played, undoubtedly someone is remembering a great memory from his or her past..and that is what PopRadio 77 is all about.

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