The Most Horrific Incidents and Injuries in Music History

Metallica’s James Hetfield Jumps Into The Fire.
  1. Gimme Fuel Gimme (slightly less) Fire That I Desire.

    When Metallica performs live, it is like watching a master craftsman create a marble statue in one go. As a band, they are sonically perfect when performing in front of an audience. They always command their audience’s attention, and the stage show is always second to none. However, when things go wrong, mishaps tend to have disastrous consequences. For the world’s greatest heavy metal band, they embarked on a tour with Guns N Roses in 1992. During a show in Montreal, front man James Hetfield stood too close to the vent that unleashes plumes of flame. As expected, the flames singed Hetfield’s arm causing the show to stop in its tracks. James Hetfield was rushed to the hospital and received treatment for severe third-degree burns. Metallica, ever the professional musicians that they are, continued the tour with Hetfield’s arm in a cast and their guitar tech filling in for him on rhythm guitar for the remaining tour dates.


  1. Enrique Iglesias proves that he is a “Hero”
Enrique Iglesias Has a Close Encounter With a Drone

For Enrique Iglesias, the singer likes to play catch with his audience. Occasionally, fans would throw things onstage, and he would catch them. These objects were drones the fans would bring into the stadium during his shows. Enrique would catch them, and the fans would predictably go wild for the stunt. However, one fan tossed a drone that Enrique caught at the wrong angle. The blades of the drone severely cut his fingers, causing him to bleed out onstage. He stepped off to the side to have the injury examined and came back later with his hand wrapped in a t-shirt to play the rest of the show.


  1. Breaking the Law has Consequences!
Rob Halford and his Harley Davidson.

For Judas Priest singer Rob Halford, he tends to take risks every now and then. This one risk involved a stunt that had Rob Halford ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle onstage every night. One time however, there was a problem with the motorcycle. The motorcycle crashed into a drum riser that sent Halford to the ground where he was knocked unconscious. The stage crew couldn’t find Halford for a few minutes due to smoke caused by the fog machines. The incident helped Rob Halford make the decision to leave Judas Priest in 1992.



  1. Keith Richards Rocks Off to The Side of The Stage
Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment!


For Keith Richards, playing sold out arenas is a constant source of joy in his life. However, one night, he noticed that the microphone was placed at a different angle. Keith attempted to turn the microphone to face him so he could perform some backing vocals. However, he was “shocked” to discover that the mic electrocuted him and sent him to the ground. The entire show stopped, and Keith was taken by medics to a nearby hospital for treatment.




  1. Get the Firehouse Because I Set My Hair on Fire
Hotter Than Hell


For Gene Simmons, he is called the demon for a reason. He levitates from the stage, spits blood and on occasion breathes fire from his mouth. One time during a gig in 1973, Simmons hair caught fire when performing his fire breathing trick. A roady with a wet towel came out to help douse the flames. For Gene Simmons, this would not be the last incident involving his hair and fire. Gene Simmons had roughly seven more mishaps over the course of his career.


  1. Keith Moon Goes Out with a Bang.
If At First You Don’t Succeed, add More Explosives!

Being one of the world’s greatest drummers doesn’t necessarily make you one of the world’s most brilliant people. For Keith Moon, the drummer convinced his roadies to load his drum kit with explosives. When on a late show, Moon proceeded to add three times as many explosives in his kit than usual. As the Who finished playing “My Generation”, the drum exploded. While Keith Moon made it out of the way with minimal injuries, Pete Townshend to this day blames the incident on why his hearing is as bad as it is.



  1. I Think I Broke My F’n Leg

For Dave Grohl, when performing in Sweden with the Foo Fighters, he miscalculated a step. This miscalculation caused the Foo Fighters front man to fall off the stage and severely injure his leg. His doctor hauled him offstage while the rest of the band played classic rock covers to a nervous crowd. Dave Grohl later returned onstage with a cast and a chair and proceeded to play the rest of the show. He would later go on to complete the rest of the tour with a throne inspired by Game Of Thrones so he could nurse his broken leg.


  1. The Toxic Twins Are At It Again!
The Toxic Twins Rivalry Continues, Even If it Was By Accident

For Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, the two have a history of feuding. However, this time, Stevens injury was purely accidental. Joe Perry playfully nudged Steven and Steven took a tumble while onstage. This resulted in head, neck, and shoulder injuries for Steven Tyler.






Musicians Turned Actors

With the upcoming Foo Fighters movie Studio 666 coming out this week, the Popradio77 blog is going to look back at a list of musicians turned actors. This list will include what films they starred in and how successful each of them are in acting in comparison to their careers in music.


#1 Sting

Before the role will get recast in the long-awaited sequel, Gordon Sumner was cast as Feyd Rautha Harkonnen in Dune. Despite selling millions of records both solo and with the Police, Sting made a name for himself in film. He also appeared in The Who’s Quadrophenia movie as the King of the Mods. Since then, Sting has stuck to the world of songwriting as many of his other films he appeared in fell by the wayside.


#2 David Bowie

One of the more prolific filmographies of any musician, Bowie managed to star in several successful film and TV roles. His most notable role on film is Labyrinth, starring opposite of Jennifer Connelly. He has since then appeared in animated features such as Arthur and the Invisibles and SpongeBob SquarePants. Other notable appearances include his roles in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, and a cameo appearance in Zoolander. Despite an impressive resume, Labyrinth is what David Bowie is remembered for in comparison to his other cinematic works.


#3 Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield as Dr. Noah Drake

Already blessed with great songs, Springfield made each of his TV and film appearances as memorable as the timeless hits he crafted. For Rick Springfield his fame as an actor came about when he starred as Dr. Noah Drake. A role he took because he thought no one would buy the Working-Class Dog album. Springfield however was proven wrong when Jessie’s Girl became a hit. He played the role of Noah Drake for 2 years while subsequently touring behind the record he had one point written off. He also starred as a twisted version of himself in the David Duchovney series Californication. He even had a recurring role on True Detective in which he played a psychiatrist during season 2. Each of Rick Springfield’s roles received recognition for his acting abilities, making Rick Springfield one of the more talented rock stars turned actors.


#4 Madonna

Madonna in A League of Their Own

Despite being in over 27 movies and having married both actors and directors, Madonna’s film career never got the praise or recognition she wanted. Madonna starred in high profile films such as Dick Tracy and A League of Their Own in which she received critical praise. However, for her roles in Body of Evidence, her performance was critically panned, and the film was a box office flop. Other reviews have cited Madonna’s acting abilities as “wooden” or that she comes off as “trying to hard”. She may have more volume in terms of movies made, though her success in film is few and in between.



#5 Ice Cube

While not an artist at the station, Ice Cube is a prolific musician turned actor. Having appeared in the influential rap group N.W.A., Ice Cube tried his luck at acting following the groups breakup. Appearing in hits such as Friday,Anaconda, Barbershop, and 21 Jump Street. Ice Cubes films have been both box office success’s and critically praised. Compared to his musical output, Ice Cube works better as an actor than as a solo artist.



#6 Flea

Flea as Douglas Needles

For bassist Flea of the 90’s supergroup The Red Hot Chili Peppers, he has appeared on some of the most successful films of all time. Call it luck or just having a good agent, the Chilis bass player has appeared in several high-profile films. For Flea, he is known as Douglas J Needles, Marty Mcfly’s rival in the Back to the Future film series. He appeared in The Big Lebowski as one of the Nihilists that harassed The Dude throughout the film. Recently he appeared in Baby Driver as Eddie No- Nose. On the animated side of things, he had a recurring role on the Nickelodeon series The Wild Thornberry’s. Critically, every film Flea has been in has been a box office success and The Wild Thornberry’s went on for 6 seasons and it has had two spin-off movies. This makes Flea the second most successful actor turned musician on this list.


#7 Meat Loaf

The Bat Out of Hell singer is also a prolific actor in his own right. He first appeared onscreen as an actor in the Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975, giving the world the song “Hot Patooti”. His most notable work includes his role as Robert Paulson from Fight Club. While his filmography may not compare to the likes of the other stars on this list, Meat Loaf always makes his roles stand out.


#8 Elvis Presley

The musician turned actor had string of successful films in the 1950’s and 60’s. For the King the films he starred in initially focused on incorporating his music and aspects of Elvis’s larger than life persona into his movies. Gradually Elvis fell into a groove starred in more mature films. This process involved phasing out his music and letting Elvis play a character rather than just a version of himself. Elvis’s movies largely did will from a critical and box office standpoint making him a star onscreen and off.


Honorable mentions

#9 Ozzy Osbourne



Does it count if the actor plays himself? Well, for Ozzy Osbourne the exception is made as each of his cameos across multiple movies have been nothing short of memorable. Most notably he appeared in Adam Sandler’s Little Nicky in which he appeared at the last second to save the day. Of course, who can forget his appearance in Austin Powers. The Blizzard always gets straight to the point with his cameos.


#10 Keith Richards

Keith Richards, the inspiration for Captain Jack Sparrow.

The real-life basis for Captain Jack Sparrow. Keith Richards was brought on to the Pirates franchise in the third film as Sparrow’s father. Richards would go on to play Sparrows father in 3 other subsequent Pirates sequels offering sage advice to Jack prior to the start of his adventures.

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