PopRadio 77 likes to play Song Requests and Dedications. There are a few ways to make a song request.

The best way and quickest way to get the request to the studio is to use the mobile app. The Apple and Android apps have a Request feature and it is the fastest way to get a song played.

Then, the next best way is to call the Studio Line at 888-865-0077. Leave a message and it will get sent to the studio very quickly.

Then, if you would rather not use the app, and you would rather not make the call...then use this form below and type in your request. Easy and Simple.

Usually PopRadio 77 will make an effort to play your Song Requests and Dedications within 60 minutes. However, currently due to COVID-19 many of the radio shows are being automated to keep the radio on-air staff safe. Automated shows are not able to handle requests. If you hear your favorite on-air person LIVE, well, then make the request and it will get played.

Thank you for choosing The Super Hits Of The 60's, 70's, & 80's.

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