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A CNN staffer has admitted to an undercover investigative reporter that for the last four years, the network prioritized getting Donald Trump out of office over doing journalism.

A vocal defender of Israel and its self-defense is convinced the Biden administration will throw the Jewish State under the bus despite assurances from Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin.

Now that a police officer who shot and killed a young black man after he fought arrest during a traffic stop is facing a second-degree murder charge, a former prosecutor says it was a fatal mistake that began with the foolish decision to resist arrest.  

The push for so-called “vaccine passports” continues to make headlines and raise eyebrows over the issue of civil liberties, but there is now a grassroots effort urging more governors to speak out and fight back.

A co-founder of Black Lives Matter and self-described Marxist is angering fellow leftists for dropping millions of dollars on high-end homes but, in reality, such greediness mirrors famously ruthless and rich Communist leaders who lived in luxury despite denouncing capitalism and leading violent revolutions.

A policy analyst with The Heritage Foundation argues that the Biden administration is dismissing decades of bipartisan consensus when it comes to the meaning of "infrastructure."

President Joe Biden signed an executive order last week creating a special commission to discuss changes for the U.S. Supreme Court. The "reforms" expected to come out of the group's six-month assignment, says one legal expert, would essentially politicize the nation's highest court.

Pro-lifers support the Tennessee Legislature's effort to change two laws that affect the preborn.

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