Top Modern Female Fronted Rock Bands and Their Oldies Influences

Recently the rock band The Pretty Reckless shattered records for having 7 number 1 singles for a female fronted rock in 2020. This came as no surprise seeing as how women have been dominating the world of rock and roll music since the 60’s. The Taylor Momsen led act have legitimized the fact that women led rock groups can sell out stadiums and records even more so than their male contemporaries. This article takes a look at some of the best women in music today while also discussing their oldies influences.


  1. The Pretty Reckless

No one would have guessed that Cindy Lu Who, who was no more than 2 would grow up to front one of the most successful female fronted acts of the 2010’s. Actress Taylor Momsen, who starred in Jim Carrey’s How the Grinch Stole Christmas and the TV series Gossip Girl decided to take a break from acting to pursue a career in music. This move by all accounts shouldn’t have worked, an actress transitioning to music, rock music, no less. The gamble paid off when her first record had 3 number one hits and received generally positive reviews from critics. She is currently on tour with Shinedown and will headline her own tour this summer with Halestorm. Taylor Momsen has stated her influences included Robert Plant, The Who, The Beatles, Pink Floyd and AC/DC.



Daniel, Este and Alana Haim
  1. Haim

Sisters Daniel, Este, and Alana are the driving force behind the group from San Fernando, California. Pressured to play music at a young age by their father, Mordecai, Haim quickly took the world of pop and rock music by storm. They released their debut record Days Are Gone in 2013 featuring the hit single, “The Wire”. The group has since collaborated with acclaimed director Paul Thomas Anderson (Boogie Nights) on various music videos. Alana Haim has recently starred in Anderson’s latest movie, Licorice Pizza, which debuted last winter with reviewers praising Alana’s performance. The band is currently scheduled to go on their biggest tour to date with the One More Haim Tour set to starts later this month. As for influences, the sisters cite Prince, Joni Mitchell, and Fleetwood Mac as influences. To see the girls influences at work in their music, check out this cover of Fleetwood Mac’s “Oh Well” in the link provided.


  1. Evanescence

You all know the song, when the piano begins and the mood darkens, Evanescence is here to bring the audience to life. The group fronted by Amy Lee is more relevant now than when “Bring Me to Life” became the soundtrack for Generation X. They still tour, write songs and sell out festivals around the world. Recently “Bring Me to Life” saw a resurgence in popularity when used in a spot during the Big Game earlier this year. The group cites oldies artists such as Prince and Joan Jett as influences for their hard rocking sound.




  1. Dua Lipa

While not rock and roll, Dua Lipa’s newest album Future Nostalgia evokes the sound of Madonna and Blondie records from the 70’s and 80’s. Lipa started her career as a model before transitioning into the world of music. Her debut album was certified platinum 2 years after its release in 2017. Her single “Levitating” has reached number one at the end of 2021 in the US. Dua Lipa is currently on tour for Future Nostalgia in the United States.




Plush: led by Monica Formica (right)
  1. Plush

This quartet of girls from New York are currently turning heads in the rock world. Fronted by Monica Formica, who began her career as contestant on season 13 of The Voice. The group set out to inspire young women to pick up instruments and play. The girls, most of whom are still in high school, now find themselves touring with the likes of Slash and Chris Daughtry. It also helps this bands credibility that Formica has a voice that uncannily resembles Anne Wilson of Heart.



Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers
  1. Wet Leg

Wet Leg prove that despite being nearly 45 years from when the genre started, punk rock will never die. The British band from the Istle of Wright are finding themselves on the rise in the music industry. Founded by Rhian Teasdale and Hester Chambers took off when their song “Chaise Lounge” became a viral hit, garnering millions of streams. Their debut record drops this week and we here at Popradio77 can’t wait to see where their career takes them.





  1. Wolf Alice

Having started life as an acoustic duo before becoming a sonic force to be reckoned with, Wolf Alice is now one of the more popular female fronted rock bands today. The group fronted by Ellie Rowsell has achieved critical success since the release of their debut album, My Love is Cool. The group has toured with the likes of The Foo Fighters and Queens of The Stone Age. As for oldies influences, the group cites the Beatles and Siouxsie and The Banshees as being responsible for their sound.


If there are any female led rock bands that I missed, let me know in the comments below. Let me know what you also think of the ones I presented to you.

Why the Oldies Endure on Tour

After nearly 6 decades, the Oldies are still one of the most listened eras of music. People of different generations are exposed to the music in various ways. Whether it was when the listener first received the record on vinyl, or a member of Gen Z using Tik Tok to expose the song to listeners, the oldies endure.

When talking about what classifies as Oldies, I am referring to music from the 60’s through the 80’s. As to why this genre of music endures, it has to do with nostalgia, persistence of the artists who made the music, and cross generational appeal. Various artists of the Oldie’s era are still on tour to this day. Some even have the dubious task of headlining major pop music festivals. Here is the comprehensive list of artists on tour currently from that era.



  1. Stevie Nicks

While on break from Fleetwood Mac, Stevie Nicks has hit the road as a solo artist in 2022 after a brief postponement of tour dates last year. Nicks music both as a solo artist and with Fleetwood Mac are timeless. Nicks’ signature Fleetwood Mac tune “Dreams” went viral 2 years ago on Tiktok, bringing the song to newer listeners. This cross generational appeal of Nicks’s music is what helped keep her on the road. She will largely headline music festivals such as the New Orleans Jazz Festival, and Bonnaroo this summer.



  1. Journey

One of the more surprising editions of last year’s Lollapalooza Festival in Chicago was the inclusion of Journey in its lineup. The festival is known for being a gathering of who’s who in pop music. On paper Journey made sense, they have some of the best sing a long songs of all time. The group was a hit amongst the multigenerational crowd. It allowed for parents and kids to join in singing along with some of their best-known hits including “Anyway You Want It” and “Don’t Stop Believing”. The night before the festival, Journey played a surprise sold out show playing over 30 hits from their storied career. Playing both a festival and sold-out private show without original singer Steve Perry, now that is what I call longevity.


  1. Aerosmith

The Bad Boys from Boston continue to reinvent themselves. Recently the group has taken up a residency in Las Vegas. While many may say that when a band plays Vegas, it usually means that their career is over. This is far from the truth. Their “Deuces are Wild” residency has sold out just about every night since its inception. The group offered new innovative technology as part of the residency as well. This allows the audience member to be fully engaged in the show by listening to the mix of the concert directly from the soundboard. If you don’t care to hear the whole band, you can switch to a Steven Tyler Mix, or any member of the band individually.


  1. Eagles

For Don Henley and the rest of his flock, the group are reminding people that the album format still works best for fans of Oldies music. While many from Generation X- Z typically listen to single songs from an artist, the Eagles are proving that the LP is not going away anytime soon. Currently on tour with Vince Gill filling in for the late Glenn Frey, the band is playing its classic Hotel California record in its entirety. The third highest selling LP is hitting the road with the band in all its 40-minute glory. The reason why they are playing the record is “because LPs were shorter back then” Henley quipped to a crowd in Detroit on this tour. Don’t expect a short concert though, as the group plays over 18 of their biggest hits bringing the show to almost 3 hours in length. Not bad for a group of septuagenarian that can sell out stadiums to multiple generations of people.


  1. The Who

This summer Rodger Daltrey and Pete Townshend hit the road once again. The group will start their tour this May and come to Philadelphia on the 20th of that month. The group featuring Pete Townshend (76 years old) and Rodger Daltrey (78 years old) will hit the road performing some of their well-known hits. The group has largely remained on tour due to Rodger Daltrey’s cancer charity work with Teen Cancer America. The organization helps put wards for teenagers in children’s hospitals.




  1. Elton John

We all know the joke; this is the farewell tour, this is it, for real this time. Kiss, the Who and many others have been on that tour for over two decades now. Though Elton John seems dead set on making sure that this tour really is his last. Elton John wants this tour to be his last so he can go home and spend time with his family. The tour had some hiccups dealing with the ongoing problems caused by Covid-19 in the touring industry. However, Elton’s tour is back on track and runs until July 2023.



  1. Motley Crue, Poison, Joan Jett, and Def Leppard

2022 proved that glam metal will never truly die. With its inclusion as part of the soundtrack to HBO’s Peacemaker, to the focus on the lives of Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee, hair metal has proven it’s here to stay. This summer Motley Crue, Def Leppard and Poison will hit the road with help from Joan Jett. The concert is expected to sell out in baseball stadiums around the country. With the arrival of Hulu’s Pam & Tommy, Tommy Lee might just be enough of a draw to bring in a multigenerational crowd to the show.



As to why the oldies continue to endure, Joe Walsh said it best, “when artists cross multiple generations, the music is here to stay”. Come check out these artists while they are on tour this year. If there are any major tours from artists of this era that I missed, let me know in the comments below.

The Rejected Titles of Famous Rock Records

For us here at Popradio77, we like to talk about what could have been in pop music just as much as what had occurred. Over the years there have been many ideas, songs and collaborations that have been lost over time causing us to wonder what could have been.

This week’s blog explores alternative titles to popular albums and why they were dropped in favor of the more well-known title.

  1. The Smiths Declare That The Queen is Dead

For The Smiths Morrissey, he is as openly political as they come. For the groups record The Queen is Dead, Morrissey originally wanted the record to be called “Margaret and The Guillotine”, named after his staunch distaste for Margarete Thatcher, whom he once called “barbaric”. The record even had a song of the same name that was dropped for the record so it would be less divisive amongst fans. The song that replaced it instead was “Viva Hate”.




  1. The Beatles Fire Blanks With Revolver

For the Beatles, they were struggling to come up with the title to the follow up record to Rubber Soul. The rejected titles were suggested by members of the band. John Lennon had the preposterous title of “Four Sides of the Eternal Triangle”. It doesn’t have the catchiness to it that Revolver did. Ringo Starr suggested “After Geography” a play on the Rolling Stone Aftermath record. “Abracadabra” was also suggested as a title, but the real magic came when the title Revolver came to the group. It was a play on how LP records revolve at 33 and a third revolutions per minute.




  1. The Doctor Almost Wasn’t In On Doolittle

For the Pixies, the record Doolittle was almost named “whore” after lyrics from a song called “Hey”. The group decided to change the name to Doolittle to give the record a more radio friendly title. Despite the raunchy lyrics, “Hey’ ended up as one of the more popular songs off that record.





  1. Never Mind the Bollocks Of Choosing Album Titles

For the Sex Pistols, they are blessed with a perfect album title. However, Never Mind the Bollocks was almost never meant to be. The record was originally going to be called “God Save The Sex Pistols” after their song “God Save The Queen”. The album’s title was changed in the middle of 1977 based on a phrase from guitar player Steve Jones. The title stuck and the rest they say is history.




  1. The Rumours about Fleetwood Mac

For the members of Fleetwood Mac, the recording process of Rumours was a tumultuous nightmare. The members Lindsay Buckingham and Stevie Nicks had broken up, and other relationships were on the outs. Christine and Jon McVies relationship was looking over as well. The original title for the record was going to be “Yesterdays Gone” after a lyric from their song “Don’t Stop”. Though in the end the group settled on Rumours as it accurately described the drama and turmoil each member faced when making the record.



  1. The Automatic Changer That Inspired Let It Bleed

For the Rolling Stones, they were originally going to call their 10th LP, Automatic Changer, after the album cover. The cover featured a cake made with a tire, a clock face, a film canister, and a pizza covered in frosting. The cake was made by Delia Smith who was hired by the albums cover designer Robert Brownjohn. To Delia, the cake was just another job to do and thought nothing of it at the time. The album title changed later to Let It Bleed but Keith Richards liked the cake so much that it was kept on the cover.





  1. The Return of the Thin White Duke Was Cut Short

For David Bowie, he liked either “Golden Years” or “The Return of the Thin White Duke” as the title to the follow up to “Young Americans”. David Bowie instead went with Station to Station after one of the tracks on the record as the title.







  1. The Talking Heads Remain In Light

For David Byrne and the Talking Heads, the group was set on the title “Melody Attack” for their fourth album. It wasn’t until the group sat around during downtime and watched a Japanese game show, where the title Remain in Light came from.




  1. Bob Dylan’s Subterranean Homesick Blues

For Bob Dylan, Bring It All Back Home was originally going to be title “Subterranean Homesick Blues”. This was after the classic track of the same name. However, the alternate title still stuck when Dylan’s record company released the record in the Netherlands.





  1. Green Day Are Immature

For Billie Joe Armstrong, Mike Dint, and Tre Cool, the members of Green Day had an even more gross title for their hit record Dookie. The record was originally Liquid Dookie, though their label, Warner Brothers deemed it to be “too gross” a title.






  1. Pink Floyd Eclipses Medicine Head

For Roger Waters, David Gilmour, and the rest of the band, they were set on calling The Dark Side of the Moon, “Eclipse”. The reason for this was that an American band named Medicine Head released an album called Dark Side of the Moon a year prior. However, Medicine Heads record went nowhere in America. The members Pink Floyd figured no one would even remember the record and decided to go with their original title, The Dark Side of the Moon. The rest they say is history.



  1. Michael Jackson’s Thriller Shines Just as Bright as “Starlight”

For the King of Pop, Michael Jacksons best-selling LP was originally going to be titled Starlight. It was the working title he used when recording the record. However, Rod Temperton, Jacksons song writer changed the title to Thriller. He did this because he thought the record had marketing potential. Temperton was right as the record became the biggest selling LP of all time with over 49.2 million sales as of today.





  1. U2’s Tale of Two Americas

For Bono and company, despite recording the record in Joshua Tree, the group had alternative titles in mind. The group originally had “The Two America’s” and “The Desert Songs” as alternatives. The initial album art featured imagery depicting where the desert met civilization. The groups photographer, Anton Corbjin told them of the Joshua trees. Bono liked how the trees were named after the prophet Joshua from the Old Testament. With this information, Bono decided that the record would be named Joshua Tree.





  1. Led Zeppelin’s Thanksgiving

Despite being one of Led Zeppelins least famous albums, the records Prescence was almost never felt. The record was made during a trying time for the band. Robert Plant was involved in a car accident the year before amongst other internal problems amongst members. Jimmy Page had suggested the title of “Thanksgiving” for the record due to it being completed before Thanksgiving. The record was named Presence after the black object the family looks at on the album cover.



  1. Deaf Dumb and Blind Boy Doesn’t Make for a Good Album Name

For the Who, their rock opera Tommy was originally going to be called “Deaf Dumb and Blind Boy”. The record had this title because of the characteristics the rock operas lead character Tommy. Instead, the record was simply named Tommy.


They’re Bad They’re Nationwide: Big headlines that nearly ruined rock stars careers

  1. The Beatles Have a God Complex

For John Lennon, he would always be the most outspoken of the fab four. Creating controversy and sharing his political views with the press whenever he felt it was necessary to do so. One such famous incident involved him telling the press that he felt the Beatles popularity made them “more popular than Jesus.’ Talk about having a God Complex.

As a result of this claim, the Christian community went into a meltdown. Radio stations in the Bible Belt section of the United States stopped playing their music. Christians bought their records in droves, only to burn them and even the Ku Klux Klan protested one of their shows. John Lennon sure did love to be the one to push the buttons with his press conferences.


  1. Pam and Tommy get Intimate

You have all seen the show, some of you may have lived through the events as they happened in real time. For Tommy Lee and Pamela Anderson, their lives were turned upside down when their private lives were made public for the whole world to see.

Part home video, part intimate look into the raunchy lives of celebrities, Pam and Tommy’s tape spread like wildfire in 1998 after a disgruntled employee of Tommy Lee’s leaked it onto the internet. The media accused them of leaking it for publicity, a claim both Lee and Anderson denied. They would wind up suing the company that put the tape on the internet. As a result of it leaking, Pam and Tommy’s marriage could not sustain the pressure and stress brought on by the tape and ultimately divorce nearly three years later.




  1. Milli Vanilli Fake it Until They Make It

Long before Ashlee Simpson made headlines for her performance on SNL, there was Milli Vanilli. The duo was comprised of Rob Pilatus and Fab Morvan. Their debut album heralded at least five top hits on the top ten charts. However, Rob and fab weren’t the ones who performed on those tracks.

As a result of the revelation, the duo’s Grammy award was taken back, and several lawsuits were filed. The group tried to reunite and record music properly with the original duo on vocals, however, Rob Pilatus died in April of 1998 and the album never saw the light of day.



  1. Marvin Gaye’s Father Brought Him Into The World….

In one of the most shocking moments in Rock and Roll History, Marvin Gaye was killed by his own father in Las Angeles in 1984. Gaye was involved in a physical altercation between him and his father one day before Gaye’s 45th birthday. The result was that his father shot in Marvin Gaye a fit of rage.

The music world reacted to Marvin Gayes death with a variety of tribute albums. Duran Duran, Public Enemy, Diana Ross, and the Temptations all released a cover song in Marvin Gaye’s honor. In 2018, the United States Postal service released a stamp featuring Marvin Gaye on it.





  1. Michael Jackson Wants To Be Starting Something

Long before the allegations came out against Michael Jackson, there was Jackson’s weird form of corporal punishment. This consisted of dangling his youngest son Prince out of a fifth story hotel balcony in Berlin. Jackson claimed that he was trying to connect with his fans who were waiting outside the hotel. He wrapped only one arm around the baby while he greeted the crowd.

While the scandal was relatively minimal in the media, it managed to drive away some of his loyal fans. This was only the start of Michaels headlines when it came to dealing with children over the next few years.






  1. Madonna’s Like a Prayer Does Not Go Over Like One

Much like with the Beatles and John Lennon’s claims about the group, Madonna had also managed to anger the Christian community. Madonna’s song is about a woman having an affair with God, which obviously didn’t sit well with much of America. The music video was even more controversial as it features an unlawful arrest of a black man who was framed for a crime committed by a white mob.

The song and music were loved by critics but hated by conservatives across the United States. The Vatican told fans to boycott Pepsi after they used the song in one of their commercials. However, despite some backlash, the song became a number one hit and only further cemented Madonna’s status on the pop charts.


  1. Meanwhile Rick James…

For Rick James, the success of his career gave way into a decline and a pair of shocking choices. The first choice involved Rick James and his very committed girlfriend kidnapping and tortured a 24-year-old hostage over the course of six days. Though for James, he attempted to kidnap again, almost as soon as he was released from jail for the first attempt. This time he held a music executive hostage for 20 hours. These kidnappings were fueled by James’s usage of cocaine.Rick James is more widely known now for these kidnappings than the string of hits he released in the 80’





  1. George Michael’s Freedom!

For George Michael, he was known predominantly as a ladies’ man. For Having been a big star in the 1980’s with Wham! He a large following of eager female fans who wanted to be with the singer. However, an undercover cop caught him with another man in the 90s. The music and entertainment world at the time were shocked by this revelation.

As a result of the discovery, George Michael went public about his sexuality. The magazines and news shows were obsessed with the revelation.









  1. Phil Spector, Lady Killer

One of the most prominent producers of the 1960s, known for his “Wall of Sound” producing style was found guilty of killing actress Lana Clarkson. She was found in his home in 2003 and Spector was convicted of second-degree murder in 2009.

Phil Spector had a dark side to him in his personal life. He was known for being angry, volatile and at times violent. The media acted with surprise, though those that knew Phil Spector thought that Lana’s death could have been avoided.



  1. Ashlee Simpson Brings Lip Syncing to the Mainstream

For Ashlee Simpson, she always grew up in the shadow of her younger sister Jessica. The youngest Simpsons sister finally got her break when she would perform on Saturday Night Live. “Perform” is a term used loosely here as what she did was anything but put on a live show. During her concert she played through the first track without a problem. The second song began, however, a vocal recording of the first track began to play over the band. She apologized to the audience during the closing segment.


The moment was damaging in the media and featured on late night talk shows at the time. It was however, a was a defining moment in her otherwise nonexistent career as a performer.


Aged Like a Fine Wine: Rock Stars Who Dabble in Making Wine

For rock stars, life is all about what happens when the lights go on and they hit the stage. Though what happens when those lights dim, and those legends must return home? Some continuously write songs; others live a normal life. However, for a select few being home can cause immense boredom. The only way they pass the time is to start a hobby. One of the more popular hobbies amongst rock and roll legends is dabbling in making wine. In this blog we will see who has the best wine of the rock legends.


Cliff Richard: Mistletoe and Wine

For Cliff Richard, he was one of the first rock stars to dabble in the world of wine. Richard owns his own vineyard called Vida Nova. Richard had sampled his own wine in a blind taste test with Gordon Ramsey. Not knowing it was his own, Richard called the wine “a bit harsh” following the tasting. Despite Richard’s own review, the wine has gone on to receive multiple positive reviews from critics. Cliff Richard’s wine currently boasts a 5-star review on Amazon.




Mick Fleetwood’s Seven Wonders Include Wine Making

Alongside being a gifted songwriter, world class drummer, and humble human being, Mick Fleetwood also makes his own wine. Mick Fleetwood does not own his own winery or vineyard; he instead works with different winemakers on the east and west coast. He produces several varietals and distributes them on his own label, Mick Fleetwood’s Private Cellar. One of his wines includes a Cabernet Sauvignon rated 4.4 stars out of five on

Wine’s Made by Mick Fleetwood


Maynard James Keenan’s Living “Vicariously” as a Wine Maker

Despite being in several hard rock bands, Tool and A Perfect Circle, Maynard James Keenan has a soft spot for wine. After he moved to Arizona in the mid-nineties, Maynard opted to start his own winery. He opened the Caduceus Cellars and Tasting Room in 2009. The first of his wines were released in 2004 and his vineyard has appeared recently on “Sammy Hagar’s Rock and Roll Road Trip” series on AXS TV. Keenan’s Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon has a rating of 4.2 stars on


Jon Bon Jovi’s Runaway with Wine

In 2016, Jon Bon Jovi and his son teamed up for the ultimate father son project, to create a special kind of rose. The wine was created a year later, originally titled Hampton Water, and was reported to have been sold out prior to its release. The wine making bonding session paid off as the wine had been on Wine Spectator Magazines list of the best of 2018. has the Jovi families wine ranked at a 4 out of 5-star rating.


Sting’s Message In a (Wine) Bottle

Aside from making millions off of both Police and solo records, Sting has created some wine of his own. Putting his own money towards a vineyard in Florence, Italy, Sting released four bottles of wine named after his own songs. One of which includes a red wine called Message in a Bottle. This wine is made up of a complex aroma of cherries wild blackberries and spices. The wine was rated negatively amongst tasters on giving Stings wine a 3.8 out of 5-star rating.



AC/DC Wants You to Have a Drink on Them

The members of AC/DC collaborate with various winemakers to make their own mark in the world of wine. The classic hard rockers have a Cabernet Sauvignon called “Highway to Hell”, “Hell’s Bells” a Sauvignon Blanc, “Back in Black” a Shiraz, and “You Shook Me All Night Long” an orange blossom Moscato. Despite being one of the most critically acclaimed bands in the world, their wine fails to live up to the same reputation. Vivino has their wine reviews average at 3.1 out of 5-star rating, making them the lowest rated wine from rock stars on this blog.


With the weekend coming and you wish to sample some wine, feel free to check out these hand-crafted wines by your favorite rock stars. Let me know in the comments which one is your favorite of the six if you have tried them. If you recommend another that was not listed, put your suggestion of wine made by rock stars in the comment section below.

The Most Horrific Incidents and Injuries in Music History

Metallica’s James Hetfield Jumps Into The Fire.
  1. Gimme Fuel Gimme (slightly less) Fire That I Desire.

    When Metallica performs live, it is like watching a master craftsman create a marble statue in one go. As a band, they are sonically perfect when performing in front of an audience. They always command their audience’s attention, and the stage show is always second to none. However, when things go wrong, mishaps tend to have disastrous consequences. For the world’s greatest heavy metal band, they embarked on a tour with Guns N Roses in 1992. During a show in Montreal, front man James Hetfield stood too close to the vent that unleashes plumes of flame. As expected, the flames singed Hetfield’s arm causing the show to stop in its tracks. James Hetfield was rushed to the hospital and received treatment for severe third-degree burns. Metallica, ever the professional musicians that they are, continued the tour with Hetfield’s arm in a cast and their guitar tech filling in for him on rhythm guitar for the remaining tour dates.


  1. Enrique Iglesias proves that he is a “Hero”
Enrique Iglesias Has a Close Encounter With a Drone

For Enrique Iglesias, the singer likes to play catch with his audience. Occasionally, fans would throw things onstage, and he would catch them. These objects were drones the fans would bring into the stadium during his shows. Enrique would catch them, and the fans would predictably go wild for the stunt. However, one fan tossed a drone that Enrique caught at the wrong angle. The blades of the drone severely cut his fingers, causing him to bleed out onstage. He stepped off to the side to have the injury examined and came back later with his hand wrapped in a t-shirt to play the rest of the show.


  1. Breaking the Law has Consequences!
Rob Halford and his Harley Davidson.

For Judas Priest singer Rob Halford, he tends to take risks every now and then. This one risk involved a stunt that had Rob Halford ride a Harley Davidson motorcycle onstage every night. One time however, there was a problem with the motorcycle. The motorcycle crashed into a drum riser that sent Halford to the ground where he was knocked unconscious. The stage crew couldn’t find Halford for a few minutes due to smoke caused by the fog machines. The incident helped Rob Halford make the decision to leave Judas Priest in 1992.



  1. Keith Richards Rocks Off to The Side of The Stage
Gimme Gimme Shock Treatment!


For Keith Richards, playing sold out arenas is a constant source of joy in his life. However, one night, he noticed that the microphone was placed at a different angle. Keith attempted to turn the microphone to face him so he could perform some backing vocals. However, he was “shocked” to discover that the mic electrocuted him and sent him to the ground. The entire show stopped, and Keith was taken by medics to a nearby hospital for treatment.




  1. Get the Firehouse Because I Set My Hair on Fire
Hotter Than Hell


For Gene Simmons, he is called the demon for a reason. He levitates from the stage, spits blood and on occasion breathes fire from his mouth. One time during a gig in 1973, Simmons hair caught fire when performing his fire breathing trick. A roady with a wet towel came out to help douse the flames. For Gene Simmons, this would not be the last incident involving his hair and fire. Gene Simmons had roughly seven more mishaps over the course of his career.


  1. Keith Moon Goes Out with a Bang.
If At First You Don’t Succeed, add More Explosives!

Being one of the world’s greatest drummers doesn’t necessarily make you one of the world’s most brilliant people. For Keith Moon, the drummer convinced his roadies to load his drum kit with explosives. When on a late show, Moon proceeded to add three times as many explosives in his kit than usual. As the Who finished playing “My Generation”, the drum exploded. While Keith Moon made it out of the way with minimal injuries, Pete Townshend to this day blames the incident on why his hearing is as bad as it is.



  1. I Think I Broke My F’n Leg

For Dave Grohl, when performing in Sweden with the Foo Fighters, he miscalculated a step. This miscalculation caused the Foo Fighters front man to fall off the stage and severely injure his leg. His doctor hauled him offstage while the rest of the band played classic rock covers to a nervous crowd. Dave Grohl later returned onstage with a cast and a chair and proceeded to play the rest of the show. He would later go on to complete the rest of the tour with a throne inspired by Game Of Thrones so he could nurse his broken leg.


  1. The Toxic Twins Are At It Again!
The Toxic Twins Rivalry Continues, Even If it Was By Accident

For Steven Tyler and Joe Perry, the two have a history of feuding. However, this time, Stevens injury was purely accidental. Joe Perry playfully nudged Steven and Steven took a tumble while onstage. This resulted in head, neck, and shoulder injuries for Steven Tyler.






Musicians Turned Actors

With the upcoming Foo Fighters movie Studio 666 coming out this week, the Popradio77 blog is going to look back at a list of musicians turned actors. This list will include what films they starred in and how successful each of them are in acting in comparison to their careers in music.


#1 Sting

Before the role will get recast in the long-awaited sequel, Gordon Sumner was cast as Feyd Rautha Harkonnen in Dune. Despite selling millions of records both solo and with the Police, Sting made a name for himself in film. He also appeared in The Who’s Quadrophenia movie as the King of the Mods. Since then, Sting has stuck to the world of songwriting as many of his other films he appeared in fell by the wayside.


#2 David Bowie

One of the more prolific filmographies of any musician, Bowie managed to star in several successful film and TV roles. His most notable role on film is Labyrinth, starring opposite of Jennifer Connelly. He has since then appeared in animated features such as Arthur and the Invisibles and SpongeBob SquarePants. Other notable appearances include his roles in Twin Peaks: Fire Walk with Me, and a cameo appearance in Zoolander. Despite an impressive resume, Labyrinth is what David Bowie is remembered for in comparison to his other cinematic works.


#3 Rick Springfield

Rick Springfield as Dr. Noah Drake

Already blessed with great songs, Springfield made each of his TV and film appearances as memorable as the timeless hits he crafted. For Rick Springfield his fame as an actor came about when he starred as Dr. Noah Drake. A role he took because he thought no one would buy the Working-Class Dog album. Springfield however was proven wrong when Jessie’s Girl became a hit. He played the role of Noah Drake for 2 years while subsequently touring behind the record he had one point written off. He also starred as a twisted version of himself in the David Duchovney series Californication. He even had a recurring role on True Detective in which he played a psychiatrist during season 2. Each of Rick Springfield’s roles received recognition for his acting abilities, making Rick Springfield one of the more talented rock stars turned actors.


#4 Madonna

Madonna in A League of Their Own

Despite being in over 27 movies and having married both actors and directors, Madonna’s film career never got the praise or recognition she wanted. Madonna starred in high profile films such as Dick Tracy and A League of Their Own in which she received critical praise. However, for her roles in Body of Evidence, her performance was critically panned, and the film was a box office flop. Other reviews have cited Madonna’s acting abilities as “wooden” or that she comes off as “trying to hard”. She may have more volume in terms of movies made, though her success in film is few and in between.



#5 Ice Cube

While not an artist at the station, Ice Cube is a prolific musician turned actor. Having appeared in the influential rap group N.W.A., Ice Cube tried his luck at acting following the groups breakup. Appearing in hits such as Friday,Anaconda, Barbershop, and 21 Jump Street. Ice Cubes films have been both box office success’s and critically praised. Compared to his musical output, Ice Cube works better as an actor than as a solo artist.



#6 Flea

Flea as Douglas Needles

For bassist Flea of the 90’s supergroup The Red Hot Chili Peppers, he has appeared on some of the most successful films of all time. Call it luck or just having a good agent, the Chilis bass player has appeared in several high-profile films. For Flea, he is known as Douglas J Needles, Marty Mcfly’s rival in the Back to the Future film series. He appeared in The Big Lebowski as one of the Nihilists that harassed The Dude throughout the film. Recently he appeared in Baby Driver as Eddie No- Nose. On the animated side of things, he had a recurring role on the Nickelodeon series The Wild Thornberry’s. Critically, every film Flea has been in has been a box office success and The Wild Thornberry’s went on for 6 seasons and it has had two spin-off movies. This makes Flea the second most successful actor turned musician on this list.


#7 Meat Loaf

The Bat Out of Hell singer is also a prolific actor in his own right. He first appeared onscreen as an actor in the Rocky Horror Picture Show in 1975, giving the world the song “Hot Patooti”. His most notable work includes his role as Robert Paulson from Fight Club. While his filmography may not compare to the likes of the other stars on this list, Meat Loaf always makes his roles stand out.


#8 Elvis Presley

The musician turned actor had string of successful films in the 1950’s and 60’s. For the King the films he starred in initially focused on incorporating his music and aspects of Elvis’s larger than life persona into his movies. Gradually Elvis fell into a groove starred in more mature films. This process involved phasing out his music and letting Elvis play a character rather than just a version of himself. Elvis’s movies largely did will from a critical and box office standpoint making him a star onscreen and off.


Honorable mentions

#9 Ozzy Osbourne



Does it count if the actor plays himself? Well, for Ozzy Osbourne the exception is made as each of his cameos across multiple movies have been nothing short of memorable. Most notably he appeared in Adam Sandler’s Little Nicky in which he appeared at the last second to save the day. Of course, who can forget his appearance in Austin Powers. The Blizzard always gets straight to the point with his cameos.


#10 Keith Richards

Keith Richards, the inspiration for Captain Jack Sparrow.

The real-life basis for Captain Jack Sparrow. Keith Richards was brought on to the Pirates franchise in the third film as Sparrow’s father. Richards would go on to play Sparrows father in 3 other subsequent Pirates sequels offering sage advice to Jack prior to the start of his adventures.

Top Ten Infamous Front Men in Rock and Roll

This past week saw the news regarding the departure of 76ers point guard Ben Simmons. Simmons brought a lot of baggage with him this season when he did not play a single game with the team. This decision brought out frustrations amongst Philadelphia sports fans, commentators, and players as a result.

With Simmons departure, this caused me to think about all the front men in rock and roll who took similar stances on not playing. This turmoil is usually caused by singers inflated egos and their own selfish desires to be the alpha in the group. These instances created problems for the bands, tensions amongst members, and even in some cases, breakups of the group they played in.

Here is my definitive list of the most problematic front men in rock and the problems that caused the groups to erupt.


#10 Chris and Rich Robinson- The Black Crowes

Chris and Rich Robinson of the Black Crowes

Having to deal with the ego of one talented singer is a challenge. Though when dealing with the duo of Chris and Rich Robinson, it becomes twice as hard. The duo was quoted by the Gallagher brothers as “having surprised them with their fights”. Chris and Rich would often make decisions that not only harmed themselves but affected everyone in the band. The group once turned down an offer to record a cover of “It’s Only Rock and Roll” for the Armageddon soundtrack due to wanting to focus on recording the By Your Side record. The record charted in the 40’s on the top 100 hundred charts around the world. Armageddon went on to sell over 4 million copies.

More egregiously, the band toured with Led Zeppelin’s Jimmy Page. While working on songs for the Lions Page offered his assistance to the Robinsons to help write a song for the record. Chris Robinson turned him down saying that everything was going great. The record charted 20th in the US on the Top 100 and Jimmy Page never spoke with the Robinsons again.


#9 It Ain’t Easy Living Like a Member of Aerosmith

The Toxic Twins- Steven Tyler and Joe Perry

Front man Steven Tyler may have one of the most recognizable voices in rock music. However, he isn’t easy to get along with. Joe Perry knows this because he left the band due to his inability to tolerate Tyler. When Steven and Joe Perry’s girlfriends got into a fight while on tour, Steven according to his biography asked for Joe Perry to “control his woman”. Joe Perry didn’t take that well at all and as a result the two got into an argument over them. Perry would leave the band who were about to record the Night in the Ruts album. Perry came back to the band in 1984 and the rest is history.



#8 George Michael Wants Freedom

While not quite problematic, creative freedom often leads to singer’s departures. Despite Wham’s success, George Michael was growing as a musician. He wanted to make music that reflected where he was currently in life. While making music for teenagers was an easy way to make money, George Michael wanted to make introspective and honest songs that older audiences could relate to. Despite claims that the duo was not getting along, Michael assured that his split with Andrew Ridgley was completely amicable. While not problematic, this shows that when done right, bands can break up for the right reasons.

#7 Mark Knopfler’s So Far Away

A lot of musicians have a lot of opinions on the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Iron Maiden’s Bruce Dickenson didn’t think the ceremony was a big deal. Though he may change his tune if the rock hall ever decides to induct him. There have been many cases of band members being noticeably absent from the induction ceremony. However, Mark Knopfler makes this one a particularly tragic case. As is the case with being in a touring band with a family member, tensions always arise. Mark and David Knopfler were a case of such notorious sibling rivalries. They now no longer speak to each other. David walked away during the Making Movies record to pursue a solo career, though Mark refused to credit him on the record. Mark was rumored to have even said his brother didn’t have the commitment to make the Dire Straits the band he had always envisioned it could be. This rivalry resulted in ceremony in which none of the Knopfler brothers attended and no one inducted them.


#6 “Diamond” David Lee Roth’s Living in Paradise

David Lee Roth, known to the world as the guy who wanted only the brown M&M’s as part of his tour rider, left the band over the direction of the music. Despite being in one of the biggest bands in the world with Van Halen, David Lee Roth was not a fan of the group’s current musical direction. During this time, the band was no longer as close as they used to be. Having become different people because of their superstar status, David Lee Roth didn’t want the groups sound to change. Having experimented with keyboards on their smash hit 1984, Eddie Van Halen wanted to double down with that sound on the next record.

“Diamond” David Lee Roth

David Lee Roth was done with the egos in the band, as well as the change in direction that would be prominent on their next record, 5150. David quit and recorded the album Eat Em’ and Smile, a guitar driven rock record that featured songs like “Yankee Rose”. Lee Roth continued to have a lengthy solo career and recorded other songs such as “Living in Paradise” and a cover of “Just a Gigalo”. David Lee Roth was now truly living in paradise as a solo artist.


#5 Motley Crue’s Tensions are Getting Red Hot

You think that when being in a band like Motley Crue, the antics that they would get into on tour alone would be enough to make anyone want to quit. A band whose singer described the accidental killing of Hanoi Rocks Razzle as “one of the worst days of his life. The key words in that sentence include “one of”, meaning Vince Neil’s dealt with worse when in this band. Despite all the hair-raising antics, fights, near death experiences, a solo career is ultimately what killed Motley Crue. Following Vince Neils departure for a solo career, Motley Crue were in a difficult position. Grunge had taken over as the mainstream musical sound and hair metal was on its way out. Attempting to capitalize on the moment, the band hired John Corrabi as Neil’s replacement and focused on a grunge type of sound for their record. The resulting record saw poor sales and ultimately led to Tommy Lee’s departure in 1999 in pursuit of a solo career. Though the band was able to make things up over time as several reunions were held over the years including one taking place this year.


#4 A Bridge Over Troubled Water

Simon and Garfunkel

Despite starting out as friends who shared a passion for music in Queens, it would be the same love of music that ultimately would tear Simon and Garfunkel apart. For Art Garfunkel, he had always felt underappreciated in the band. This sentiment had come to a boiling point when he discovered that Paul Simone recorded a record without him in the fifties. The surprise hurt Garfunkel and would eventually sow the seeds for the tension between them over the years. The two would envy each other over the years. This came to a head when Simon was recording solo material and Garfunkel had started an acting career. The duo would break up once again and Paul Simon would describe the situation as “something being broken between them.”


#3 George Harrison quits the Beatles

George Harrison contemplates quitting the Beatles

During the Let It Be sessions captured on the documentary, Get Back, George Harrison had had enough of being in the Beatles. The group was working on Get Back with McCartney finishing the lyrics that day. George Harrison walked out of rehearsals and remained silent for most of the day. Harrison told the band and crew that he would “see them at the clubs”. Following that, he left the band. It wasn’t until negotiations with the groups manager that Harrison would come back and finish recording.


#2 Axl Rose Dines on Turtle Soup

The Greatest Movie of All Time According to Axl Rose.

Even Axl Rose is not resistant to Turtle Power. The heroes in a half shell managed to captivate the singer’s imagination, at the worst possible time. Known for being late to his own concerts, Rose decided that the night of a show was the ideal time to watch a movie. The film in question was Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2: The Secret of The Ooze. Axl’s attention that night was given to watching the turtles fight the Foot Clan, and he could not be bothered during the movies nearly two hour run length. If this doesn’t sum up who Axl Rose is as a performer, then I don’t know what will.

#1 Derek St. Hubbins causes Spinal Taps fallout

The Patron Saint Of Men’s Quality Footwear

The Patron Saint of Men’s Footwear and front man of 80’s metal group Spinal Tap, is the lists most notorious offender. St. Hubbins caused Nigel Tufnel to leave the group after bringing Tufnel’s crush along for a tour. Along with that incident, he forced an unfortunate audience attending a local puppet show to suffer through “Jazz Odyssey” in its entirety. That alone puts him at the number one spot. Thankfully though, the members of Spinal Tap were able to reunite and patch things up when “Sex Farm” broke into the top ten charts in Japan.


Top 5 Musician Cameos in Rock Music History

When attending a concert, it is always a thrill to see the band perform the songs you came to see night after night. Even more thrilling is seeing a guest, whether from another band or simply one of the friends of the band perform on stage. These collaborations happen in response to a shared love of music between the musicians. They start life on the record and eventually creep their way into a live setting. The following is a top 5 list of the greatest musical cameo appearances of all time, whether on recorded form or in a live setting.

#5 Bluesy Huey Lewis

Before Huey Lewis was the anchor of a great live show with The News. He dabbled in playing harmonica and was known as Bluesy Huey Lewis. He ended up collaborating with Irish rock legends Thin Lizzy on their Live and Dangerous. Huey would end up ripping an amazing harmonica solo on the track Baby Drives Me Crazy and is even name dropped by front man Phil Lynott during the band introductions.




#4 Session Musician Jimmy Paige

Tom Jones with Jimmy Paige

Before he was known as the reason every musician were to pick up a guitar, Jimmy Paige started his career as a session musician. He made the rounds during the late 1960’s working for record producer Shel Temply. Paige performed on a version of the Who’s “I Can’t Explain”. However, Pete Townshend didn’t want Paige to appear on the final track. Paige also famously appeared on records by the Kinks as well as Marianne Faithfull’s “As the Tears Go By”. He even ripped the famous guitar solo in Ton Jones “It’s Not Unusual.” So even before Led Zeppelin, he still got inspire legions of fans, just in different genres other than hard rock.


#3 Billy Gibbons is Having Fun

Billy Gibbons with Queens of The Stone Age.

From the opening riff of La Grange, Billy Gibbons has established himself as a force to be reckoned with in the world of guitar driven rock music. Billy over the years has taken the music side of the business less seriously. Josh Homme of Queens of the Stone Age and lifelong ZZ Top fan hired Billy for his track titled “Burn the Witch” a song in which Gibbons played guitar and sang on. Gibbons would go on to collaborate with Homme many more times over the years and even lending some high-pitched vocals to a track on Homme’s Desert Session’s EP. Gibbons, having produced some of the greatest rock records of all time, is now at a point where he can just have fun and play music with his friends like Homme.


#2 Dave Grohl on… Just About Everything

Paul McCartney and Dave Grohl

While not a featured artist on Popradio77, you can’t turn on the radio without hearing a song Dave Grohl appeared on. Grohl is an avid music fan, having collaborated with the likes of Stevie Nicks, John Fogerty, Rick Springfield, Mick Jagger and more. Grohl turned in a prolific resume of cameo appearances on records. Whether just playing drum, bass, or guitars Grohl helps make a record pop and give the audience a much-needed jolt of energy on a song. This can be found on the collaboration with members of Nirvana and Paul McCartney with Cut Me Some Slack.




#1 Rick Astley and the Foo Fighters

While I just covered the Foo Fighters front man, Rick Astley’s appearance at a Foo Fighters live show will always go down as one of the greatest spur of the moment collaborations of all time. Having only rehearsed Never Going to Give You Up backstage, the group were stunned to see Rick Astley on the bill as well at the festival. Astley watched from the side of the stage and Grohl offered him to come up and jam Never Gonna Give You Up. The live performance below was one for the books.

How Can You Afford Your Rock and Roll Lifestyle?

When we think of musicians, we think of them as gods who can get away with anything because they play the songs that we love night after night.

Clip from Motley Crues’ The Dirt:

However, there is one side to the music business that is often overlooked: the cost of living the Rockstar lifestyle.

As Ringo Starr famously sung, “it don’t come easy” and when being a musician in a rock band, the cost of keeping a band on tour never is. Rock stars make a lot of money, and they can only do that by going out on tour night after night. From when the day they started touring in the 1980’s to today, tours were always a high end and costly productions. This blog compares what it was like to tour as Motley Crue in the 80’s to what it would cost to produce a Crue Tour today.




The path of destruction left behind by Motley Crue.

For a band like Motley Crue going on the Theater of Pain Tour in 1985, the cost of hotel stays for the entire band and, managers and stage crew would be $755,375. When compared to Motley Crue going on tour in 2022, adjusting $755,375 for inflation, hotel stays on a modern-day tour would cost at least $2,000,000 for everyone in their touring party. That is, if they don’t burn the hotel room down by morning, which would add additional costs to their already pricey stay.




On top of touring, when traveling in a rock band you have to have great insurance. This covers damages to property and to members of the band. An example of what touring insurance would cover would be for if a band member were to pull a Keith Moon and drive his.her car into a pool. In 1985, that stunt would require a hefty insurance package for touring artists. An insurance package to cover an amphibious vehicle test or other related incidents in 1985 would cover up to $2,643,812 in damages. For Motley Crue to pull off stunts like that, today’s insurance packages would cover up to $7,000,000. Hopefully as older men in their fifties, they have learned to slow things down a bit.


Tommy Lee’s rotating drum kit.

On top of managers having to watch out for Motley Crue, there is another crew that needs to be constantly taken care of. The stage crew are the ones responsible for setting up and take down massive stages and make it possible for bands like motley Crue to go on and perform every night. In 1985, paying a complete stage crew to set up, take down and transport everything including Tommy Lees rotating drum riser would cost $5,854,115. Paying a stage crew to help a major rock band like Motley Crue today would cost $15,500,000 to have on hand for an entire tour.

With all of these expenses, you are better off not being in a rock band. The cost of touring to hotel stays to damages are astronomical. Alongside the headache of dealing with managers who are annoyed with a band like Motley Crue’s antics, as a fan you are better off paying for a ticket to see them live.

The total cost of living as a touring artist in 1985 would be $9,253,302. In 2022 combining the high-end prices, the total cost to be able to tour is $24,500,000. The message, just pay to see Motley Crue unless you can afford to live as Motley Crue.



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